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RemitFin is a Fintech focusing on RPA, AI driven solutions catering largely to the Financial Sector. RemitFin is born out of the belief that the disruption in our lifestyles should not be a hindrance to work but an opportunity to change gears, simplify and fasten processes. With regulatory requirements only set to increase, we present a fully automated AI driven, Regulatorily compliant KYC solution under the aegis of DIFC- Dubai. Across all sectors, there is a realization that manual effort required for data capturing, can be better handled by machines, as it mitigates the risk of human error. Our product has been designed keeping the Regulations in mind, the customer in focus and the end user i.e. the FI / company’s requirements for Digital Data Management. It delivers regulatory compliance and a complete new approach to digital on-boarding. The company is promoted by Mr Abhishek Jajoo, partner in AJMS one of prominent names in consulting in UAE. Based on the experience in the Financial Sector, the thought of alleviating some of the pain points gave birth to Remit Fin a Fintech focusing on RPA, AI driven solutions catering largely to the Financial Sector.

We expect to partner with institutions to help them improve customer experience, stay competitive, enhance compliance and risk management and accelerate growth and profitability. Our team has experience in all key segments of financial services, like banking, insurance, non-banking financial institutions, retail banking, etc. This enables us to apply banking-specific business intelligence tools to all aspects of your business, from the front office through the middle office to the back office. Together, we shall create value by deploying advanced analytics, AI, robotics, data, human intelligence and other solutions to help you stay ahead.

Built Using Cutting-edge Technology

Digital KYC Process has been ushered in UAE with the circulation of CB UAE

The FATF guidelines referred therein is the publication Guidance On Digital Identity dated 6th March 2020 has prescribed the requirements for digital identity. Based on the above, we have developed a fool proof KYC platform which can be accessed by the participating FI's which can include Banks, Exchange houses, Insurance Companies and other financial institutions. The access of the Application lies with the end user and the participating entities. To carry out the KYC, customer, along with its original Emirates ID, will have to visit the location of the participating entity or complete the process in the app itself. Live photograph of the client and the Emirates ID will be captures and embedded for the use of entity. Upon completion of the process in the app, a One Time Password (OTP) will be pushed into the registered mobile of the registering person along with a message to “Verify the details filled in form before submitting the data. On successful validation of the OTP, the data is available to the directed participating entity for their approval to onboard the client. Each participating entity may choose to conduct its own verification as per their laid down procedures, by either calling the customer or by any other means.

Automate Enhance and Improve productivity and accuracy

Remit Fin e-KYC solution helps to automate, streamline and standardize Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. The solution leverages AI, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and integrations to solve various operational challenges.

Automation / Digital KYC/ e-KYC

With increased domestic and global regulations and the current forced virtual existence, the traditional manual methods have lost relevance or cannot be implemented. Remit Fin is proud to present the region’s first Digital / e-KYC platform.

Electronic Documents

The app will be integrated with UAE Pass to facilitate a hassle free and convenient option for the customers to submit their KYC documents. The customer will be then be able to submit his KYC particulars in electronic form stored in UAE Pass. Additional particulars will need to be entered one time for completing the process.

Live Image - Digital KYC

The RF app, will capture and submit the live image e-KYC will enable the entities to enhance their customer experience while saving on KYC costs, without any investment on technology.

Facial Bio-metric verification based e-KYC

The registration of the person is only done once the facial identification as per the information on the Emirates ID is matched. A live photo of the individual is taken and matched against these records for secure authentication.

Online EID verification – e-KYC

On receiving the EID particulars from the person, it will be verified with the concerned authority and the acknowledgement will form part of the data trail available for any audit as per blockchain practices.

Liveness Detection

AI / ML based eye-pattern detection that uses face liveness recognition is applied to verify customers’ identity.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to accurately scan the information from Emirates ID

Onboard Customers Within Seconds

Artificial Intelligence-based authentication system will help verify customers’ information instantly in a smooth and secure way.

The App

RemitFin is a platform for Digital-KYC and Remittance.

Digital Identification

Emirates ID

Passport ID

Regulatory Verification


Facial Identification

Percentage Match


Sync. with Coresystem







Features of Our Digital KYC System

Real Time: Verify your customers’ identity in real-time using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Facial Recognition: Get the face match percentage of the photo on the ID card and the live picture that is taken
Verification: Our APIs run the live photo across multiple publicly available government databases and use GPS coordinate mapping to verify the person’s identity and provide the match percentage
Authentication: Reviews ID cards to ensure that they are original and not forged or tampered
Aadhaar Offline Verification: Supports Aadhaar paperless offline KYC using eAadhaar, mAadhaar, QR Code, etc.
Efficient: Onboard customers securely within seconds using AI-based technology
Reports and Analytics: Get precise analytics and dynamic reports that are audit-ready. Simply download the reports in the required format Secure: Built on Advanced Consent Architecture following the proposed privacy law. Compliant with the law and regulatory guidance

Every data shared with the participating entity

1. An image of the EID.
2. A live photograph of the client captured by the app (printed or video-graphed photograph will not be allowed to be uploaded).
3. GPS coordinates from where the phot was captured and uploaded.
4. Date and Time Stamp.
5. In case of API connectivity, functionalities such creation of UIN/ Account numbers, populating pre-defined account opening forms etc. can be built up.
6. Converting entire data into a QR Code for easy retrieval.

Use our Digital KYC System for

• User Registration / Client on-boarding / UIN generation
• To receive initial transaction requests
• Re-verification / Re- KYC of existing users
• Ensure regulatory compliance
• To build Effective Monitoring Systems

Suitable for Financial Institutions

1. Flexible platform
2. Regulatory compliance for KYC & AML
3. Reduced Operational tasks as enabled with Que Combing
4. Auditable traceability
5. Enhanced End User Experience & Comprehensive integration (Mobiles)
6. Seamless integration into any business environment (software’s)
7. Easy Implementation
8. Biometric Facial Recognition
9. Verification & Authentication through federal gateway
10. Efficient Screening & Risk Based Approach
11. Reports & Analytics
12. Personal Data Security
13. Ongoing Monitoring

Screenshots of the App

RemitFin is a platform for Digital-KYC and Remittance.

The Dev Team

RemitFin is a platform for Digital-KYC and Remittance.


Senior Software Programmer

RemitFin is a platform for Digital-KYC and Remittance.


Senior Software Programmer

RemitFin is a platform for Digital-KYC and Remittance.


Senior Software Programmer

RemitFin is a platform for Digital-KYC and Remittance.

Our Mission

To be the first provider of compliant, robust, premium-quality AI / ML based solutions to enhance the business performance.


Be the driver of digitalization in the region with AI / ML products


RemitFin is a platform for Digital-KYC and Remittance.

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RemitFin is a platform for Digital-KYC and Remittance.
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